Broiler farming is an aspect of poultry raised for the purpose of meat. The production cycle takes between 6-8 weeks to attain a table size of 2kg-3kg for harvest and this is determined by the target market. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), “growing populations, economies and incomes are fueling an ongoing trend towards higher consumption of animal protein in developing countries.” Poultry meat with very high preference and recommended healthy for consumption. FAO forecasts that Nigerians are expected to consume two thirds more animal protein, with meat consumption rising nearly 73%. The annual demand for frozen chicken in Nigeria is estimated at 1,500,000 metric tons while the local production capacity is 300,000 metric tons. The demand influencers are the restaurant, hotel, and frozen foods retail stores. With the ban and closed border, the demand for frozen chicken from local producers has tripled, this provides ample opportunity for the local producers. This is why we enjoin you to invest with us, we’ve got the traction, experience, team, and market niche to guaranty a return on your investment. Note, our livestock are covered with agricultural insurance. With the event of the COVID-19, we are investing in the PROTYME brand, an online & offline retails outlet to improve consumer’s accessibility to quality products within the nearest neighborhood with the convenience of making an online order, payment and receipt at doorstep delivery.

We raise nutritious birds and process hygienic fresh whole-cut frozen chicken for tasty and easy cooking experience without preservatives and trace of antibiotics.


Looking for a reliable investment for a guaranteed return of investment and prompt pay-out on due dates while creating social impacts such as job creation and economic development of our country. Join our league of investors and earn residual income. Broiler farming entails raising chicken for meat purposes. Our livestock is covered by agricultural insurance (Leadway Assurance & NAIC).

                          INVESTMENT PLAN

6  months  plan        = 20%    ROI on N50,000 – N100,000

12 months  plan     = 50%     ROI on N200,000.00 – N1,000,000.00

24 months  Plan     = 100%   ROI  on  N2,000,000.00 & Above  

  • The production cycle is 8 weeks.
  • 5 production cycles per year.
  • Pay-out to the investor is two (2) weeks from the end of the production cycle.
  • Capital is paid at the end of the investment duration.
  • Note: We are open to equity investment.


An online and offline point of sale that ensures accessibility to quality food product within consumer’s nearest neighborhood. Walk-in and shop or shop online, pay online and get delivery to your door step.


Retail sales associate program offers the opportunity to an individual with interest in the retail of frozen foods to earn a decent income by aligning in the retail value chain of the poultry industry while leveraging on discounted product supply from the company and guaranteed demand for the product. Prospective retail associate signs-up and on-board having met the requirement and excelled due diligence by the company, trained on the use of Point of sales software, product handling, and business policy.

The incentive includes: Product is supplied at discounted price and sales at prevalent market price. Exceeding sale target performance attracts expansion and facility support from the company and a franchise.

  • Become a Retail Sale Associate


  • Willingness to work from home or a store.
  • Access to good electricity
  • Access to generator & deep freezer
  • Low competition in your neighborhood
  • Willingness to learn and engage social and retail marketing.
  • Undergo training provided by the company on food safety, product handling, company policy, and software usage.


We offer agricultural equipment procurement and freight handling services. Let’s handle your procurement and logistics of your agro-equipment delivered to your site, with the best post-sale service and quality equipment. Ranging from livestock, crop production, and processing equipment with our wide and reliable network of local and foreign manufacturers.


Offering market linkage between farmers and off-takers.

  • Live birds (broiler & Layers)
  • Maize
  • Cashew
  • Sesame seed
  • Groundnut
  • Soybean
  • Others